Trying something new: The Big Sleeve

One section of my wardrobe that’s always been a bit sparse is Going Out Clothes. Our lives are mostly casual, but now that we’re getting out more, I’m intent on expanding my options. So I’ve been keeping my eyes open for some festive, lightweight tops.

White jeans outfit with a statement sleeve top

earrings (similar) | top | necklace | bracelet (similar) | jeans | bag (similar) | sandals

Up until now, I’ve mostly shied away from Statement Sleeves. Because I’m petite, they can easily overwhelm me, and often feel too frou-frou for my style. But because the fabric on this top is soft and drapey, and the sleeves are a shorter length, I think they work here. 😉 J’adore the irregular polka dots, and the colors are right in my Spring palette.

Susan B. wears a Samsoe Samsoe polka dot top, J.Crew white jeans, Vince sandals, and Loewe small puzzle bag.

The top is from a Danish brand, SAMSØE SAMSØE. I’m wearing size Small. There’s a back zip at the neck, and the viscose fabric is washable.

These J.Crew jeans might just be my new favorite white pair! The white is softer, not a stark white, and the gold stitching is a nice detail. They’re 30% off too, with code SHOPNOW. I’m wearing size 28 Petite, and the fit is relaxed. If you prefer a slimmer fit, you might want to size down.

More options…

Are you a fan of Statement Sleeves? What are your favorite Going Out styles?

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    1. Thanks! The bracelet is almost a bubblegum pink, very close to the Geranium pink in my palette. Salmon is one of my color favorites too.

  1. The poofy sleeves seem to be everywhere for Spring. Yours look good and not so poofy as to drag in the gravy when you reach for the salt! Great choice!

  2. Susan, I am a regular follower of your blog and am always interested in clothes that you feature. I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE this look on you. The top is very comfortable and fresh looking as well as being a gorgeous color. I also really like the shade of the not-so-stark white pants. The color of your sandals and bag really complement the more pastel shades of the rest of the outfit. This outfit is a real winner!

  3. Cute top in a great color and pattern, but it definitely looks like something you are trying out. I’ll be interested to see if this makes your regular rotation. I’d love a post like the ones you do after you travel, when you assess what worked and what didn’t. Which of your purchases in the past year became stalwarts, and which didn’t get worn much after the first trial period? I love the color of this top, but my bet is that it does not become a staple. Poofy sleeves limit its layering potential as temperatures change.

    1. Thanks, Lyn. Yes, this is definitely a warm-weather-no-layers top. (But our warm weather lasts well into October, so I should have lots of opportunities to wear it.)

  4. I think you did a good job of styling this sort of sleeve. It’s big and the billowy nature of the sleeve hits mid-torso, a place most of us don’t need extra volume.
    You didn’t actually tuck it in, but you did accentuate mid-torso with the half-tuck.
    I don’t see a belt in your photo, but some people would adjust the blouse of their tuck to let the belt line peek out.
    Just because a waistline isn’t 25″ doesn’t mean you can’t show it!

    Pants are defintely getting looser, it’s all that pandemic cooking and sweat pants taking their toll. I had pleated pants in the 1980s, and do not expect to ever wear another pair. So this looser, but not tight pair of pants is stylish in a classic kind of way.

  5. I like it a lot and as for it not layering, I’ve discovered that I actually need a small capsule of summer tops that don’t layer. It is what it is but I’m happier not worrying about that anymore. I don’t worry about my sweaters only being worn in winter so you just need a few pieces that are there because you love them. If you can wear it 3 or 4 months out of the year, it’s worth it. You don’t wear sandals year round but I’ll certainly acquire a new pair for summer. I passed my last years down to a friend.
    Beautiful blouse, great color, looks so pretty on you. I’d keep it.

    1. Yes, exactly! I find it’s often harder to put together outfits when it’s too warm to layer. And thank you!

  6. I’m also petite, but find carefully chosen statement sleeve tops to be a great choice when going out. Sometimes a third piece isn’t practical due to heat (especially when dining outdoors) and so this type of top can succeed in elevating an outfit when a more simple top, such as a tee, would be just ordinary.

    1. Hi Marilyn, thanks! Yes, it’s harder to make an outfit “interesting” without layers. That’s why I love print tops.

  7. Love this look on you, so fun! I have similar outfit with orange top from Chico’s to wear out for fun in summer. I don’t wear it often but love that it’s there and ready! It feels cool comfy and festive. That’s all it owes me. I’m usually conservative and a bit frugal haha..! Kudos to your spirit Susan. And that bag looks beautiful.

  8. Dear Susan,
    This is a nice look on you! Always looking beautiful. Thank you again for all the wardrobe tips and info, and all the other information on so many different topics. Appreciate it all!

  9. Love this top on you! So pretty. It’s nice to have some tops in your closet that are a little dressier to wear when you go out. I remember what you said several years ago about tablecloth dressing, wearing something attractive that you can see above the table. I’m a winter that has gone silver so I wear a lot of black/white, cobalt blue, navy and red. I have several b/w tops with piping detail or lace overlays that look nice with jeans or pants. The same with navy tops with lace. When I see them I buy them. I also have a navy cotton eyelet shirt that can go dressy and a dressy modern lace top that is dressy. A pair of great earrings and I’m ready to go in no time at all.

    1. Hi Eve, there’s a link to manage subscriptions at the bottom of the emails. But I’ve unsubscribed you from comments on my end.

  10. I love statement sleeves – a quiet statement, although I think longingly of a sweater with Elisabethan-wide sleeves I could not afford 50+ years ago. Now I have a navy sweater knit so that it looks like ribbons are tied every few inches all down the sleeves. As to going-out clothes, in the Before Times we went to the opera and ballet and for that it’s fun to wear black and pearls, referring as often to an earlier time.

    1. Hi Nancy, your sweater sounds fabulous. Hope you’re able to get back to the opera and ballet soon!

  11. That JCrew jeans style is the best fit for my body that I’ve found in years. And I have a lot of meh jeans to show for my trouble. Thank you for showing them to us in white and on sale!

    Love your blog and love love the podcasts you’re doing with the other Over 50 blog ladies. ♥️

  12. One of your best looks ever! It has your great new colors and they are so well coordinated you look very sleek and elegant.

  13. I love the top, love the colors on you. You’re lovelier than ever. I wouldn’t have thought of this piece as having “statement sleeves.” It wasn’t a conscious choice but nearly every blouse I own has some kind of embellishment on the sleeves or the neckline, something to draw the eye upward and balance my shape.

    I don’t care for international designers that end their sizes at 12 (and call that an XL!) One of the designers I’ve been purchasing clothing from for several years on Etsy, a Lithuanian firm, Sondefleur, recently changed their sizing to this system, and sized me out completely in the process.

  14. I laughed when I read this post as I just bought a blouse with a full sleeve, not my typical purchase, but I love it!
    I’m glad to know you are wearing this style. I think blouses are starting to have their day in the sun,seeing a lot of
    Them on the various shopping sites.

  15. What a sweet blouse. Love it. I think you can wear it, petite or not, because the fabric is sleek. I think I would pull it out a bit more at the sides, so the make a nice line over your hips. Call me if you want further explanation. Or just dismiss it haha.