A few good finds for a Summer-ready wardrobe 🌞

Get your wardrobe summer-ready: linen tops and pants, bathing suits, colorful sandals.

We’re currently having a bit of a heatwave, which has kicked my summer wardrobe shopping into high gear. There’s not a lot that I need, but there are a few gaps that I always find challenging to fill.

While our coastal L.A. summers are relatively mild, we are planning a couple of road trips that will take us to warmer regions. There may be some pool time…

Lands' End Tugless Tank in color-block.

I don’t faff around with complicated bathing suits anymore. I want something simple, comfortable, and supportive. I’ve had good luck with Lands’ End “tugless” tanks, and this color-block style is right in my wheelhouse. In Regular, Petite, Long, and Plus sizes.

Banana Republic tencel-linen slim leg pants in khaki.

I love linen in the heat and would wear it head to toe, but it’s been difficult finding linen pants that aren’t a wide leg style. These look promising…a tencel-linen blend with a slimmer leg. (Petite here). And here’s a link that should work for my Canadian friends: Slim Tencel-Linen Pant

Vince elbow-sleeve tee in linen, blue.

Linen tees are a favorite, but it’s hard to find styles that aren’t oversized or boxy. The set-in, elbow length sleeves give this one a more refined look. (And it will layer well underneath a jacket or sweater.) Plus here.

Madewell colorblock sport sandals.

I’ve resisted these sandals as I don’t really need another pair, but they are so cute and budget-friendly (and well-reviewed)…

Madewell Hilltop shirt in mini orange print.

When it’s too warm to layer, a print top is an easy way to add visual interest to an outfit. This one looks so cool and breezy, in sizes XX-Small to XX-Large.

Nic + Zoe open linen cardigan in navy.

Aggressive air-conditioning is the bane of my existence during warmer months, so a little linen cardigan to throw on over a tee is just the thing. Plus here.

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I’ve updated my SHOP page, and have added some new categories. Many of you have mentioned that you’re looking for dresses and other special occasion clothing, so I’ve added Dressed Up, Not Trussed Up. You can also Shop My Instagrams, browse Reader Favorites, and more Linen picks. I’ll be updating on a regular basis, so do check back. And if there’s a category you’d like to see, please let me know. (I’ll be working on Summer Travel picks soon…)

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  1. Except for a few warm days here and there ( in the 80’s) we’ve had a nice spring. Like you though I need to prepare for summer. Our summers are long, hot and full of mosquitoes. (summer lasts from May- at times to the end of October) Linen/linenish type pants are a staple, I do like the wider legged ones and just bought two pair from J Crew . I haven’t worn them yet so we will see. I’m always on the hunt for summer tops. I never have much luck in that department. The BR pants look enticing. I’ve had good luck with them recently.

      1. The link doesn’t work for me either – I see a blank page with this on it:
        “The link you clicked on is malformed. Contact the editor of the originating page.”
        Love all these though – I’m on the lookout for simple linen pieces, especially mixed with another fibre (don’t like the creasing much – or ironing!).

          1. Hi Susan,
            The new link does not appear to work either. I get the same message as Liz.
            I am on the hunt for non wide leg linen pants as well. At 5’1” wide legs are not in my wheelhouse;)

  2. I totally agree that the Lands End tugless tanks are the best. I have been lap swimming during the pandemic and they fit so well. They are also chlorine resistant and show little fading with two or three wears a week No more fancy swimwear for me!

  3. Great styles for small women like you Susan. Love linen tees and cardigans but would like to see longer ones…

    1. These are all cute items, but as Julia said, definitely meant for the petite woman (which, of course, Susan is!). Meanwhile I’ll keep shouting out into the fashion wilderness for some pants that aren’t so darn short! The cropped pants are ok on short women, but when you’re fairly tall, they just look silly. Reminds me of “pedal pushers” my mom used to wear. Not directing this to you, Susan, but to the clothing designers/manufacturers! Help a tall girl out, here!

  4. I love the Lands End suits: only problem, and I think would be with this one, is that any sewn-in cup is always too large. I’m an A/B and they tend to look comical. Much prefer the hard to find underwire!

  5. Hi Susan! Would you mind sharing what size in the bathing suit.? I am petite but wear a 34dd bra size. Online it goes to regular if you have that cup. Also, some reviews said the built in soft cups were visible? Did you find that to be the case? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Jill, I haven’t received it yet so am not sure. I ordered the Petite 6, in the regular cup size, but if the cups are too small I’ll try the 8 Regular in the DD cup size.

  6. Susan, Do you perchance, or any of your readers know if petite pants are shorter in the rise? I need a regular rise but short length.

    1. Hi P T, I think it really depends on the brand and style. Many retailers offer rise and inseam measurements online. I find many Madewell jeans in Petite lengths have a “regular” rise.

  7. Hi Susan! I do realize how hard it must be to accommodate all heights and leg lengths of all your readers! I am just chiming in with the other ‘long legs’.
    I am a Spring as well, and have a very hard time finding the right colors of slim leg linen pants that are long enough. 25 -27″ inseams look absurd and unattractive. on me. 28″ is not great without a bootie. I can get away with 29″ in the summer, but I prefer 30 or 31″. fortunately, I can wear wide legs, but sometimes a slim leg is better. Thankyou for everything you do to answer our questions. LOVE your blog!

  8. If anybody is looking for an all-linen pant with a narrower leg, FLAX carries a “Pocketed Ankle Pant” ($85) that has a narrower leg. Haven’t tried them yet, but I’ve been really happy with all of my purchases from the company. Lots of colors offered in the style this season.

  9. I tend to look for pants with a narrower leg, but I’m thinking that the wide leg pants seem to be a more updated look and perhaps looking for narrower leg pants just means I’m reluctant to change. Why do you prefer the narrower leg?

    1. Hi Dana, I have a couple pairs of wide leg linen pants and do wear them. Because I’m petite, I think a slimmer leg style would broaden my styling options.

    2. I also agree with Susan about styling options. Shorter length tops, for example, can look better on a wide leg, while a longer top or tunic top does not look or feel good on wide legs. Also, when it is raining I prefer a narrower leg. Some of my wider leg palazzo pants make going up and down alot of stairs slightly tricky and I have to hold them up like I would a long skirt, if that makes sense. A narrower leg for me does NOT mean a skinny leg – It’s just not a wide leg.

  10. Looking for solid color, yet no black or no white, high crew tee shirts. Elbow sleeve would be great!!
    OR UPF tops that are not PFG shirts for ladies. Those are my two things I’m looking for this Summer.
    Any help you can provide would be great.

      1. Thank you Susan. I checked this link and the only color I’d wear is blue and it’s sold out already. I will keep checking the link throughout the week and next week as maybe it will be restocked. Thanks!

  11. I bought the Banana Republic pants in grey and they’re lovely. The leg is a little wider than I thought they’d be but not wide-wide. The fabric is amazing and the construction seems to be very good. I find BR a little hit and miss in terms of quality but their pants and jeans are usually quite good.