Best of 2022: my favorite outfits & more

Well here we are, wrapping up and getting ready to say goodbye to 2022. It’s become something of a tradition to share my favorite outfits from the year, so I’ve tripped back through the archives and collected my Top 10 looks…

Why these? They’re the outfits that I feel most myself in, that I’ve worn repeatedly, and would happily wear again.

Favorite outfits of 2022


Susan B. sitting on wooden steps wearing leopard scarf, red cardigan, striped tee, jeans and boots.

Three of my favorite things that work well together: leopard print, stripes, and a pop of color!

First shown HERE.

Susan B. wears a green coatigan, floral blouse, jeans, boots, and carries a bamboo bag.

I really love this combination of colors. The blouse was a custom piece from Amanda Thompson in London. It’s a lightweight silk, so perfect for when I need something a little dressier for warmer seasons, but can also work with a more casual look.

First shown HERE

Springtime in Paris: Susan B. in Tuileries on a sunny day.

Well, I mean, it’s PARIS! But this is also such a timeless look that always feels appropriate.

First shown HERE.


Susan B. wears a colored denim jacket outfit with a crochet top and relaxed leg jeans. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

I played a bit more with silhouettes this year, including trying out some fuller leg jeans. Here I kept the top layers short and structured, and really liked how it balanced the volume of the jeans.

First shown HERE.

Susan B sits on brick steps wearing a light peach jacket, green tee, blue jeans and beige mules.

I really wish I’d captured a standing shot of this outfit, as I love everything about it! (And I repeated it several times during the early fall.) There’s the cotton blazer I picked up in Paris, a tee in my very favorite green, and the juxtaposition of rough and refined that is my sartorial happy place.

First shown HERE.


Susan B. wears a J.Crew leopard print sweater, off white denim pants, birkenstock sandals.

I was so happy to find this little leopard cardigan, and have worn it often, either on its own or layered under a jacket. Here with a pair of lantern cut jeans and patent leather Birks. (Wearing size Small in the cardigan.)

First shown HERE.

Susan B. wears a tonal fall outfit in ivory & camel, carries a Loewe straw bag.

And here are those lantern jeans again, this time with a longer sweater blazer for a tonal look. (I’m wearing XS in the long sweater jacket.)

First shown HERE.

I really leaned into the cropped-over-relaxed silhouette this year, especially lantern pants. I LOVE this pants style, and hope it sticks around a while. I’ve worn this pants/jacket combo with various tops on multiple occasions. (Sizes: Jacket XXS, Vest S, Pants Petite S)

First shown HERE.


I loved this look because it felt festive without being too over-the-top. (Sizes: topcoat 6 Petite, sweater XS, pants 28)

First shown HERE.

And the most recent addition to my favorite looks of 2022. I love the colors and mix of textures here. (Sizes: jacket Small, sweater Small, jeans 28)

First shown HERE.

My gray hair journey

I made one big change in 2022…I grew out my gray hair!

Left, in January | Right, October

I’m SO glad I did this! I’m really pleased with the natural color and love the brightness of it.

Most of the response has been positive, but a few people have commented that it’s “aging” and that I looked younger with colored hair. Even if that were true, I don’t care. I want to look my best no matter my age, but I’ve come to the point where that doesn’t mean trying to look younger. Vibrant, yes. Engaged and energized, yes. But getting older is a privilege, and I hope to embrace rather than fear it.

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  1. I love your gray hair and I love your response to the comment that it makes you look older because that is my sentiment exactly “I don’t care!” – why is it that the most important thing in our lives has become not looking our age? Who are we fooling? I still maintain that natural gray as we age is much more becoming than unnatural, often harsh color against aging skin. I choose to focus my time on making this age the best it can be, not on an endless and often fruitless quest to stay young. Age is indeed a privilege!

  2. Love your posts, so many lovely outfits. I also love your beautiful silver hair, it brightens up your whole face. Always enjoy seeing your travel post as well, thank you. I’ll be looking forward to what’s in store for 2023.

  3. I love all of the outfits – the color variety, the pattern mix, the great shoes and accessories. About your hair, I think it looks good. I can’t really tell that much difference in color. I’ve had mostly white hair for a long time. I decided that I wanted to look healthy and fresh and color can really help with that. I also decided to ignore advice to “look younger”. I resent that kind of pressure so I ignore it.. In my older friends (like me!), there is so much more to value – courage, a sense of adventure, vitality, kindness, a joyful attitude, great conversation, and so many other qualities that trump our physical appearance. To me your looks really do radiate joy.

  4. The red cropped cashmere hoodie that you linked in the first picture from ME+EM is on sale! The sale price doesn’t come up with your link but it does if you don’t use your link. Hmmmm. Thanks for the ideas – I love ME+EM!

  5. You look incredibly vibrant in all these outfits — such a testimonial to the power of color (among other things!).

    A comment on your beautiful, natural hair: I love it. I just read an article I wish I could link to (can’t find it!) wondering when society’s focus on aging became about looking younger, rather than how we can become our best selves. So true!

    Final, random comment on shoes: Mules! How does one walk in them?!?! Yours look so chic, I’ve been inspired to try them (repeatedly), to no avail. Grrr.

    1. Thanks so much, Annie! What I find is that mules with a slight heel and higher vamp are easiest to walk in, but that said, they’re not a style I wear when I’ll be walking long distances.

      The exception are my Birkenstock Boston clogs, which I do wear for at-home and dog walking.

  6. Susan, love your top ten outfits! I’ve noticed all your pants are, what appears to be, the exact correct length for whatever shoes you are wearing. Do you routinely have your pants shortened? And, are certain pants shortened with a particular shoe in mind? This is such a quandary for me. You’ve mentioned that you are short and often buy petite. Are they typically the right length for you? I am 5’5” and sometimes certain pants/jeans don’t work with certain shoes. Is this just the way it is? Would love to hear your thoughts. Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Marianne, thanks so much! I do sometimes have pants shortened, or purchase Petite or cropped styles. Pants lengths really depend on your proportions, and style personality. (And lifestyle…if you live in a very wet climate, you may find longer lengths are impractical.) My personal preference is to have the length hit right at or just above or below the ankle. That seems to work for any shoes I regularly wear. (I’m 5’1″)

  7. Ditto what others have said Susan. I so enjoy your blog. Love it all. Looking forward to 2023 and incorporating Autumn colors more into my wardrobe.

  8. I’m a regular reader, but somehow I missed the post with the tonal lantern cream jeans and long sweater. I really like all your looks, but that one, WOW. It’s just one of my favorites!
    And I love your hair, it’s perfect for you, and your style.

  9. Love the teddy bear jacket on you and the long beige J Crew sweater jacket. Seeing photos really helps one home in on what’s working well, doesn’t it? I’m envious of your shoe collection, at this stage of the game, my feet are way too picky and finding shoes is a challenge (I know I’m not alone!).

  10. Another great year for your blog Susan! You do such a good job of combining photos with well written text and one result of your efforts is the interesting comments you inspire from followers. Happy New Year!

  11. I enjoy taking care with my appearance, but it is not up to me to police the sartorial choices of others. You do you, as the saying goes. Happy New Year, Susan; thank you for your work!

    1. Hi Elizabeth, it’s never my intention to police what anyone else is wearing. My observations were more on the general trend toward the blurring of lines between at-home and going-out wear, and lack of interest in style. (Though I do reserve the right to have opinions about it… 😉 )