This just might be my best travel wardrobe yet…

Susan B's outfits from a 2-week travel capsule wardrobe.

One of the most useful tools I’ve found to help me pack lighter and smarter is to write up a recap of my travel wardrobe shortly after returning home. I often refer back to these reviews when planning future trips to remind myself of what worked or didn’t. I’m quite pleased with the selections I packed for London; here’s a recap of my 2-week travel capsule wardrobe.

2 weeks, 1 suitcase: my travel capsule wardrobe

This trip was a bit different from our usual vacation travel, as I spent most of the time indoors training on color and style analysis with Red Leopard. I wanted to be comfortable but look polished, and able to create a variety of outfits easily.

Susan B's 2-week travel wardrobe for London.

Here’s what I started with. At the last minute I ditched the lemon sweater without the stripes, swapped in a long sleeve check print layering top. I also swapped out one pair of jeans for a pair of dark brown ponte knit lantern pants (similar).

I managed to wear almost everything at least once (though didn’t get photos of a couple of outfits). Here’s how I’d rank the “team.”


More jacket options:

Pinch hitters

  • The knit blazer (similar).
  • The coral wool jacket (similar). Both of these were a nice change-up from the cropped chore jacket.
  • The down coat (similar, Plus). Was the perfect weight for the range of temperatures outdoors during my stay.
Susan B. among paper lantern sculpture at white cube gallery London.

coat (similar) | scarf (similar) | sweater | pants (similar) | boots (similar)


  • I didn’t wear either of the larger cashmere scarves, except on travel days. They were too warm and bulky for indoors, and it wasn’t cold enough outdoors that I needed them.

Wish I’d brought

  • A pair of sneakers. I thought it would be too cold and wet for them, but missed having them for morning walks before our training sessions.

All in all, I’d give this 2-week travel capsule wardrobe a 9/10. I did do a little bit of shopping while I was there, and incorporated a couple of the new tops during the second week.

For details on the travel outfits:

Out and about in London

London travel outfits

How to create variety from a neutral capsule wardrobe

Adding new pieces to a travel capsule

We have another trip planned in a few weeks, so I’ll probably include the MVP’s in the next wardrobe. More soon!

What are your travel MVP’s?

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  1. Seemed like the three pairs of shoes you did take were VERY similar, and that it definitely would have been a good idea to have taken only one of those and perhaps a pair of light weight trainers and maybe a loafer or a light weight flat shoe of some sort..

    1. Hi Jackie, lightweight flats would probably have been too summery for the weight of clothing I brought and wore. I might have worn loafers indoors, but not out. Almost everyone in London seemed to be in either combat/lug sole boots or trainers of some sort.

  2. Always enjoy your posts and especially the travel capsules. We will be heading to England in a few weeks. I have a question that is off topic, where did you get your return Covid test? And I am interested to see how you are going to do the color and style analysis. ONline?

    1. Hi Joy, return covid tests are pretty easy to get. There are rapid testing sites all over London and many pharmacies do them as well. You can google for a testing site near you.

      I’m still sorting out what type of styling/color services I’ll be offering and how. I’m looking to launch in May.

  3. Very impressive! Your down coat was impervious to the rain? I usually am freezing when in Britain so my similar item will be a must. Also, I am a big fan of Uniqlo heat tech under-layers – warmth without bulk. I recently bought a pair of Athleta Brooklyn pants for a trip to France this summer. I plan to wear them on the plane with Uniqlo leggings underneath as I am usually cold on the plane as well. I am not a huge scarf person but I do really like sheer patterned blouses, silk or otherwise, which I wear over plain tops and under cardigans – my sweater of choice – for a pop of colour and interest. And they pack into nothing.

    1. An even more packable approach is to layer. A truly waterproof rain coat layered over a Uniqlo down jacket will keep you toasty. You can wear either layer separately, or both together. I second the Uniqlo underlayers. But if you are always cold, you need to pack a turtleneck too, especially if you are not a scarf person. A warm neck makes all the difference.

  4. This is so helpful. Love the change up from all black and white that I often seen in capsules. I purchased the Madewell Chore Sweater after seeing it in your blog and I am so happy with it. One of my favorite purchases ever! Glad you had a great time!

  5. Love, love, love your travel capsule wardrobe! You looked like you were in your element and happy place. Can’t wait for your launch

  6. Hello Susan,
    I had a few questions for you. Did the ladies at Red Leopard originally get their training through House of Colour? Many of their props look similar such as the jewelry samples etc. I had my color analysis with House of Colour and was just curious? Also I was wondering if you would share the cost of the color training? Good luck on the launch of your new business I’m sure you’ll be fabulous.

    1. Hi Linda, I believe they did, many years ago. I’m still working out the details as far as the scope and cost of styling services, but will provide a complete price list once I have.

        1. Ah, got it. I think you’d do best to contact Red Leopard directly, as they have different levels of training, group sizes, etc.

  7. ,I do not usually comment but your travel wardrobe is so helpful both in planning for, hopefully, future travel but in assembling an everyday wardrobe that works for me. I am also petite so can see me wearing a lot of what you post. my colors might be different, I am a gray haired “Winter” but the kinds of pieces would work.

  8. I think your capsule wardrobe was lovely for “ country lady in the Cotswold” look but for February in London not so much. Rain, rain rain definitely requires a good raincoat plus a warm down layer, sturdy black boots and black pants so rain splatters don’t show. Same goes for most cities in Europe in winter, summer is quite different. I think no matter ones colouring, black pants can be incorporated into the mixture and look so much smarter than brown, especially at night. Streets in old European cities in the rain are just plain dirty. Just my opinion as an expat. from England.

  9. Susan ~ I love this travel capsule….the best yet! I am a Spring as well and have purchased a few items that you have posted! You are such an inspiration to me! Keep up with the wonderful colors and fashions!

  10. What purse (tan) are you using in the pic with the down coat and green sweater? It looks like the perfect size. Thank you

  11. I am really enjoying your embrace of color. It’s very different from mine, but it’s easy to translate. I think chic and stylish now have to be comfortable. I’m not sure we are ever fully going back to strict office wear. I know I used to dress up for forays into big cities and grand hotels. Now it is more a matter of quality fabrics, good fit and polish…oh, and an excellent bag.

  12. I agree about the sneakers. I’m a HUGE fan of Taos sneakers and they keep coming out with more styles. I can walk in these all day without any problems. I’m definitely thinking about the purchase of a knit jacket. These tips are helpful as I prepare for extended weekends. I’m still looking at a travel by plane!

    I’m looking forward to hearing about your color analysis!

  13. A lovely wardrobe. I am deeply impressed! So glad no trainers. I am sick of them. They are a necessary evil, however, and i wear them all the time. I read that Charlie watts, the drummer of The Rolling Stones who died recently, refused to wear them.